Caroline A Raine

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 29. A Good Friday

Spent the public holiday curled up with the children watching Harry Potter no.7 dvd "Deathly Hallows", a mountain of popcorn and hot chocolate. Fantastic. As a family we have not ever been to watch the Harry Potters at the movies, because of the age difference in my children -  the younger always misses the age limit by 2 years. So we wait for the dvd and watch together.

Saw a lot of "Lord of the Rings" in this latest episode:  taking turns to wear the locket on a gold chain; moving out in the wilderness and on the run from dark things; personal gifts bequeathed by Dumbledor to the three - something along the lines of the gifts from the elves to the 3 hobbits (and for that matter the gifts given to the Pevensy children in The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe) - not least of which is a light emitting device for Ron; the special sword of Griffendor akin to the special swords with special powers which the Fellowship of the Ring carry. So you see, old, well-used motifs run deep through all fantasy. We writers of young adult fantasy are EXPECTED to include familiar devices and motifs and conventions.

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