Caroline A Raine

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 19. Eve of the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic

Tomorrow - 14 April - marks the anniversary of the night the Titanic struck the ice-berg. I wonder how many stories there are from that night which have been left untold? I wonder if there lies a novel in the possible stories that sank with that great ship?

Have been carefully proof-reading my own book. It is amazing how in a new format, I see so many typos. I have read and re-read the book soooo many times and it is with a new pair of objective eyes, that I am reading it for the first time very critically. The old manuscript had become too familiar I think. I am reading it now as if it is the work of someone else. Very interesting process.

Anyway, tonight will be an early night. It's been a killer week - and a strange one at that. Have avoided any ABNA site-related thread reading today and this evening.

Just under two weeks to go to the announcement of the semi-finalists...


Jeana said...

I'm so glad you're reading the proof so carefully.

That's funny--I decided the ABNA stuff was taking over my life so I'm taking a break from over there too. I think I just need to step away, and I'll check back when it's time.

Alison said...