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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 21: It's Friday!

So today seems to be a fairly auspicious day in world history:

Anniversary of the day the Titanic sank
The first MacDonald's outlet opened
International Cleavage Day....

All I know is that it's Friday and it's been a looong and dynamic week. I have been toying with the concept for this year's school play and have been dancing around the idea of a Grimm's Fairytale collage set in The Black Forest - all monochromatic and Spiderwebs, silhouettes, Goth grunge and so on... I have an A3 page of a plan and was chatting with my class and Bam! the opening scene has gelled in my mind. Fabulous. So we've gone from a general idea, to a very specific production concept and design and outline. So exciting. Going to spend the weekend scripting and designing. It looks like blustering and cold weather, and can't think of anything nicer than designing and drawing.

Oh yes - drawing. I went to my Art Class last night. A 7 week series in drawing. Ugh - quite frustrating and not as much fun as I imagined. I have to rethink how I draw and train myself into new habits. All good - but I find that I am a rebellious student after all. That's the joy of Adult Education Classes - you all go to learn something new, but there is not the pressure of marks and academic performance, and you get to back chat the teacher a bit - and everyone is a little more comfortable in their skins than when we were in high school :-)

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Jeana said...

I had an early talent for drawing when I was a kid and never did anything with it. I regret that. It makes me want to take an art class now.