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Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 11. Taking a Break ... or not.

Today I am taking a break form ABNA. I have been following threads, angsting about my submission and regretting edits, and finalising my Create Space edition, and reading sooooo many excerpts from other ABNA quarterfinalists....

The plot of a sequel to my "Edward Beaton" fell into place on Saturday evening and it is distilling and being mentally coloured in these last 3 days. Only 4 days left of school holidays -  sigh.

SO! I am going to get on and use these precious few days to step away from and let the creative juices flow, while doing some exciting DIY around the house. Starting with painting a set of new bookshelves which have been delivered today.

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Jeana said...

That's not a bad idea. I've been consumed by following all the stuff on the ABNA site that it's hard to focus on my writing, which is what I should be doing RIGHT NOW! I think I'll get back to that.