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Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 24. So What Would the Movie Version of Your Book Look Like?

And I was just daydreaming and wondering what the movie version of my book would look like. I came up with a warm autumnal film filled with fantastic gnarled and intertwined tree trunks and undergrowth... a delicious a la carte of:

  • Ridley Scott type "Legend" with moody forest, slanting sun beams through trees, sparkly dust and floaty bits on the light
  • Tim Burtonesque nuances of bad dream vibe and weird angles
  • Lead child actor as the child Christian Bale and supported by Thomas Sangster. The girls would have to be two new faces - very soft and unaffected.
  • Tim Roth as the Dark Lord
  • The lady Nimue played by Tilda Swinton 
  • Needing soundtrack similar to Series of Unfortunate Events

So who would play YOUR lead character? 

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Jeana said...

I think this is fun to think about! I've been meaning to do a blog on this very thing--only I can't seem to find the perfect actress. I'm still researching!