Caroline A Raine

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Springness in my step...Oh the possibilities

Sooooo - with almost 6 months break in writing and the thrill of the Amazon Breakthrough contest a thing of the past I have ambled along and thought long and hard about writing. To be honest writing has been in my soul since as far back as I can remember. Writing for self in diaries and journals, being passionate about getting children to write, writing poetry and getting children to write poetry...the children's book which sat brewing in my head and heart for so many years which finally came to light. Yes I know that no publisher has printed my work...that's all about finances and politics....many have shown interest, but I just got tired of "pimping" my work.

I have been considering a Masters degree in the next year in the realm of children's texts. In addition I woke up this morning and thought that maybe I might start on another book (short/long/divergent/whatever). Hmmmm ideas are fluttering and rising up again. The difference this year is that I will write for the satisfaction and not for the end result of publishing and being in print. The crafting of the work and the joy of that - as much as sewing a quilt or building a model dolls house. Yes, with the syringa blossoms soaking the air, spring has breathed new inspiration. Huzzah!