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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 18.

Took my proof copy to school with me and showed the middle schoolers. They are deeply impressed and are all wanting to read the book. Promised to put a few copies in the library when I've finished editing and it's been given the green light.

Anyhooo... am going to a 7 week art class - starting Thursday. This is something I've always wanted to do. I draw and doodle and have no formal training. There is something about the idea of being in a quiet space for two hours and doing something for the fun of it, that is very appealing. Can't think when I last did something for me. I have signed up for the ABC drawing lessons (Adult Beginner Class). It will be a time out from teaching, from mothering, from writing, from being responsible ;-)

AND the roof of my house is being replaced. They are removing the original 1940's  clay tiles and old timbers, and replacing with metal sheeting. By the time the rains come in a month's time, we should be waterproof! We arrive home at the end of each day, duck under building rubble and the devastation outside, slip into the house and closing the dust and banging and rusty nails and planks and workmen out - our sanctuary inside. My poor garden is suffering though. Cupboard Cat is taking strain and has now a recluse, the Baggins Cat has become a Sunroom resident and the Cocker Spaniel is gritting his teeth until this is all over. The two hamsters are oblivious and just keep eating and running on their treadmill. The menagerie is almost human in its response to the domestic disaster.

Otherwise, not much more to report. Today was a fairly "back to routine" type of day.

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