Caroline A Raine

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 12. In Celebration of Hans Christian Anderson

It was Hans Christian Anderson's birthday on the 2 April. So to celebrate, here's a chance to post which was the most powerful fairytale in your childhood? Perhaps it was one that had most impact, was scariest, had the greatest lasting impression.... (and not necessarily an Anderson tale)

Me first:

My favourite fairytale was - and still is - Beauty and the Beast. I think the most told and influential Anderson tale must be The Ugly Duckling.


Jeana said...

I love The Snow Queen and The Little Mermaid (non-Disney version, please).

Alison said...

Oh, hurray! hurray! Fairy Tales!

From someone who read all of those Andrew Lang Lilac, Green, Rose Fairy tales books, my favorite was Puss in Boots, and Tam Lyn.