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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 6 Of Shaun Tan and Mondays

Missed a day - nearing the end of the school term and madly getting marking and reports done by tomorrow. But by this time tomorrow it will all be done and dusted and I will be staring at a welcome holiday in the face. Many, many links and reads on the ABNA discussion boards about good and bad reviews and swapping excerpts. I must admit to having had no time to do more than day dream about the "what if" of getting through to the next round of the ABNA contest. Imagine being in the Top 50!!!! What a privilege and affirmation that would be. Publishers Weekly professional reviewers will be reading and appraising works.

BUT the highlight of the day has been to read that Shaun Tan has won the Lingdren award for 2011. Isn't that FANTASTIC! I have been a fan of his works for ages now.

His web page is brilliant too: Shaun Tan
The originality and complexity of his picture books have provided me with many many lesson ideas:

The Rabbits
The Red Tree
The Viewer

Anyway - back to marking Grade 7 Essays entitled "Monday's Child".

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