Caroline A Raine

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 3

I would love the luxury of a Good Edit. Self Publishing is a bold move which many brave and noble writers make. It's greatest pitfall is the fact that self-published works have not had the benefit of a completely objective, critical read and the offering of some sound editorial advice. So our works go out into the world looking for readers and publishers in their naked innocence. I think that writing competitions are a brilliant way to encourage people to write and really are a painless way for publishing houses to take in a bunch of manuscripts during a season and focus their editorial staff in an intensive Next-Best-Seller Hunt.

Apart from ABNA one of the best Competition Writing opportunities lies in the Chicken House . Feel free to add your best Writing Competition Links below.

The other option is to send you manuscript out at Book Fairs such as London Book Fair ,  Cape Town Book Fair ,   Frankfurt Book Fair with an agent who may have a book stand.

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