Caroline A Raine

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 2

"Sara had told me that a woman who could rescue herself was a woman who would never be in need." Alice Hoffman - The Red Garden   So this is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend. There is a crisp cool breeze and the sun angle has changed - we are at the end of Summer at last it seems.

 I got frustrated today because I encountered the problem to do with not being able to find my new Blog and apparently there are all sorts of things about registering domain and URL's and such, and I am too tired to do that kind of research today. I did find Edward Beaton and the Star in the Glass popping up on someone else's Blog with an annoyingly biting and unofficial and unasked for Review. So that was a bit draining. Ugh! Criticising the fact that the book needs editing having read only the first page ... and being Self Published. Well - yes: Self Published works have not had the luxury of a team of editors and advisors. This being the obvious downside and risk involved in going it alone.

BUT I have been floating around since becoming a Quarter Finalist and holding my head up high and finally thinking of myself as A Writer. I like that narrative of myself. Yes I am a Writer.

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